Animated LED Reindeer Snow Plow Scene

$1,595 $2,074.59

Ol' reindeer is just trying to clean up the snow at the North Pole and a little ruffian is chucking snow at him! We'll, that reindeer gets the last laugh in this magnificent Animated LED Reindeer Snow Plow Scene. The kids (young and old) in your neighborhood will squeal with delight to see this reindeer plow snow right over this snow thrower!

At its peak, this Christmas display is an impressive 138 inches tall, and it stretches over 15 feet wide! With 1441 brilliant LED lights, this Reindeer Snow Plow Scene will be sure to draw some attention in your next holiday display.

This item includes 2 separate animation controllers: one 3-channel controller for the plow and one 4-channel controller for the snow thrower. This item will need extra support, which is not included.

Plow: 138 in x 80 in
Snow Thrower: 108 in x 100 in
Number of Lights: 1441

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